The funny highlight of the shot is the white bird head peeking from its shelter. I am not sure if it was trying to take a peek or to photo-bomb
your otherwise "classic" tranquil image.
Did Godfrey work as the "trap" for it?

BTW, the webpage layout is a bit annoying: it has this empty white space on the left, requiring to scroll the page to the right to see the photograph. There is some weird table structure in the webpage design that forcing that empty space. (I am vaguely remembering that I may have commented on that earlier. If so, - I am sorry for repeating it.)

As for "Thames", that often brings up this old joke that I remember
since my childhood:
(Being lazy to type it up, I've found this, slightly different but very similar version on the Internet)

The Master of the house is comfortably installed in an armchair in the library, reading a newspaper. Suddenly, John, his butler rips the door open and shouts, "Sir, the Thames is flooding the streets!" The Master looks up calmly from the newspaper and says: "John, please. I have already told you before, if you do have something important to tell me, first knock on the door, then enter and inform me, in a quiet and civilized manner, about the issue. Now please, do so." John apologizes and closes the door behind him. Three seconds later, the Master hears a knock on the door. "Yes?" John partially enters the room and with a gesture one would make when welcoming and ushering in somebody and water flowing over his shoes, he announced, "Sir, the Thames."



Steve Cottrell Mon, 10 Sep 2018 10:39:02 -0700 wrote:

Had the pleasure of Godfrey's company at the weekend as he arrived for a short visit on his British travels. We managed a little outing on Saturday and enjoyed a walk by the river, here is my offering from the day.

River Thames, Lechlade 2018

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