Gonna need a bigger screen ;-)

Thanks mate I will ponder on that and might adjust it accordingly.

On 11/9/18, Igor PDML-StR, discombobulated, unleashed:

>1600 x 1200 is too large.
>Even on the screen where I have 1920x1200 resolution, it is very seldom 
>that I have the browser window open to the full screen, as I usually do 
>many things in parallel on my computer.
>My laptop has even smaller screen resolution. So, your 1600 pixels do not 
>fit in the browser window (and laptop's screen).
>Instead of the photo being aligned on the left side, there is a huge empty 
>margin on the left.
>Actually, the image itself is 800x800px. So, having that table 1600 px 
>wide is rather strange.
>Here is how your page looks in my browser:
>Overall, my personal opinion is that a photo should be easily visible on 
>the screen of the targeted audience without scrolling (either vertical or 
>A lot of people around me are using laptops. Until recently, most laptops 
>were with XGA screens (1024x768), and then some with the "wide-screen" 
>aspect 1280x720 or 1280x800.
>So, I was trying to keep the photos within 900x600 px, to allow for the
>browser frame, headers, etc.
>Gradually (and especially since many laptop screens are now 1366x768 or 
>higher), I've relaxed those to 700x700 for the square format.



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