I see it neither as feature nor flaw. iOS devices are not generalized, all 
purpose computers, at least not until the next iOS (and iPadOS) ships. They 
were designed first for wireless communications with personal security, all 
else is second to that. Judging them by the standards of general purpose 
computing devices when it come to file management isn’t really sensible until 
iOS becomes appropriately generalized and supports arbitrary file IO like those 
computers are designed to. 


> On Aug 15, 2019, at 7:51 PM, Stanley Halpin <s...@stans-photography.info> 
> wrote:
> You’ve heard the comment: “it is a feature, not a flaw.”  In this case, the 
> comment fits. The iOS file system makes it very difficult for files to move 
> to/from  the device which, at least in principle, makes the device and the 
> information thereon much more secure.
> stan

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