The easiest way I've found to move photos and other files between an iPhone/iPad and a PC is with an iXpand flash drive - basically an updated version of sneaker-net.  Lightning adapter on one end and USB on the other.  The app from Sandisk is free for iOS.

A 128 gig version will set you back about $44 and a 32 gig version is 20 bucks less.


On 8/15/2019 5:30 PM, Ken Waller wrote:
That limitation sure lessens the value not only of the reader but also the iPad.

Also, Apple doesn’t mention this limitation. I’ve seen complaints about this 
going back to 2018 with no response from Apple.

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Yes, unmodified DNG or jpeg. If I want to put images from e.g. Lightroom onto 
the iPad, I Airdrop to the iPad or first put them into iCloud and load from 
there into Photos.

An alternate would be to put LR Mobile onto the iPad, synch from PS or LR to 
the Adobe cloud. And they’ll appear on LR Mobile. Once in LR mobile on the 
iPad, they can be exported to Photos if you need to for some reason.

But generally I do not try to use SD cards as a transfer media. With the new 
iPadOS coming “real soon”, that sort of transfer should be much more feasible, 
but I think the new OS won’t be working on the Air, Air 2 is the oldest as I 


On Aug 15, 2019, at 4:32 PM, Ken Waller <> wrote:

Thanks Stan. Do you download unmodified images directly from the camera, i.e 
unperfected through photoshop or Lightroom?

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I’ve been using this for years with both my iPad Air 2 and Meg’s iPad Mini 2. 
And we each had earlier versions of the iPad, and never had an issue reading SD 
I downloaded the latest iOS a few days ago, and I just verified that the SD 
reader dongle does still work.

Cannot imagine what the issue might be…


On Aug 15, 2019, at 12:53 PM, Ken Waller <> wrote:

Picked up an Apple Air I pad and am having no luck downloading images (jpegs) 
with the Apple Lightning to SD camera reader. Noticed many reviews on the Apple 
site where most of them couldn’t get the device to work. A lot of the comments 
point to an issue with the Later IOS.

Anyone using the device on a iPad? 😞

Paul Sorenson

Sooner or later "different" scares people.

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