I meant to post this back around the first of the month, and then kept
forgetting to do so.  Part 2, subtitled "Engineering Analysis," is now
online at  It discusses how engineers
use the logic of ingenuity to solve real problems by analyzing fictitious
ones.  It mostly consists of quotes from and comments on CP 3.559, which is
part of Peirce's 1898 article in *Educational Review*, "The Logic of
Mathematics in Relation to Education" (  It is the passage
that opened up to me this whole understanding of engineering thinking, when
I first encountered it in the volume edited by Matthew E. Moore, *Philosophy
of Mathematics:  Selected Writings*.



On Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Jon Alan Schmidt <>

> List:
> In an effort to apply Peirce's thought to my profession of engineering, as
> well as introduce it to my fellow practitioners, I have written a four-part
> series of articles under this heading for *STRUCTURE* magazine.  Part 1,
> subtitled "Engineering Design," appears in the September issue and is also
> posted online.
> In summary, I am defining "the logic of ingenuity" as the process of
> (abductively) creating a diagrammatic representation of a problem and its
> proposed solution, and then (deductively) working out the necessary
> consequences, such that this serves as an adequate substitute for
> (inductively) evaluating the actual situation.  This first installment
> discusses how engineers use it to design particular artifacts for specific
> purposes, and connects it with many of my previous writings for the same
> publication.
> Any and all feedback is welcome!
> Thanks,
> Jon Alan Schmidt - Olathe, Kansas, USA
> Professional Engineer, Amateur Philosopher, Lutheran Layman
> -
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