On 4/10/2018 12:33 PM, Edwina Taborsky wrote:
I... view 'the Sign' not as an intellectual construct but as
an actual morphological unit, as an existential spatiotemporal
unit of matter, formed by Mind, existent within constant relations
with other Signs/morphological units.  So, for me, this Sign is
itself existential as a crystal, a rock, a spider, a plant, a
word..and even, a society.

For the basic triad of mark (or tone)/token/type, the mark or tone
is always physical.  As an interpreted mark, the token is also physical,
and the type is some abstract mediation (law, habit...).

From CP 2.302:
Symbols grow. They come into being by development out of other signs,
particularly from icons, or from mixed signs partaking of the nature
of icons and symbols. We think only in signs. These mental signs are
of mixed nature; the symbol-parts of them are called concepts. If a
man makes a new symbol, it is by thoughts involving concepts. So it
is only out of symbols that a new symbol can grow. Omne symbolum de
symbolo. A symbol, once in being, spreads among the peoples. In use
and in experience, its meaning grows. Such words as force, law, wealth,
marriage, bear for us very different meanings from those they bore
to our barbarous ancestors.

The original mark (such as a representation of an icon or a mixture
of letters or phonemes) is something physical.  The tokens, which
are marks that have been interpreted by the type, are also physical.
But the meaning (type) grows over time.

For the examples above, I can accept "a crystal, a rock, a spider,
a plant, a word" as sinsigns that I could recognize and name.  But
I doubt that I have ever seen a "society".

I believe that societies exist, but I would treat them as roles
that are defined by some kind of Thirdness.   For example, you
can recognize a cat just by looking at it.  But you can't tell
whether it's a pet or a stray without determining how it's
related to some people.

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