On 4/10/2018 4:02 PM, Edwina Taborsky wrote:
As for societies, I view them as compositions of matter [made up of ecological biomes and population size and economic mode], held together by conceptual Thirdness.

Yes.  But a society is like a pet cat.  You can recognize the people
or the cat, but what makes a cat into a pet or people into a society
is not directly observable.

But it's possible to infer that role by long-term investigation.
By watching how the cat behaves, you can tell that it has been
and possibly still is a pet.

For cats, a direct question isn't helpful.  For people, you can
also ask them "Are you here for some sort of event?"

Summary:  role types cannot be distinguished by a snapshot,
but they can be detected by a combination of observations
and inferences.


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