On 8/11/2018 11:25 AM, Helmut Raulien wrote:
But arenĀ“t EGs _the_ proper tool for ontology?
Somebody else please say something.

Peirce and I would agree.

But the people who are working on ontology know very little
about EGs.  I've been writing and lecturing about EGs for years,
especially to people who know little or nothing about Peirce.
That audience is critical for expanding interest in CSP and EGs.

Following are the slides of three lectures.  I recycle and add
to the slides over time, and these collections keep growing:

Introduction to existential graphs:

Peirce, Polya, and Euclid:  Integrating logic, heuristics,
and geometry:  http://jfsowa.com/talks/ppe.pdf

Natural logic:  http://jfsowa.com/talks/natlog.pdf

If anybody would like to use these slides in their teaching
or lecturing, you have my permission to download and use them.
If you would like to use shorter excerpts, please let me know.

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