Re: Jim Willgoose

JA = Jon Awbrey
JW = Jim Willgoose

JA: Just to be sure we start out with the same thing in mind, are you talking 
    the notion of judgment that was represented by the "judgment stroke" in 
    “Begriffsschrift” and that supposedly got turned into the turnstile symbol 
( ⊦ )
    or “assertion symbol” in later systems of notation?

JW: Sluga ties the priority of judgement in Frege to Kant's favoring judgements
    over concepts in the Critique of Pure Reason.  The article is open source.
    I can see a connection with the judgement stroke /- since one asserts the
    truth;  a trick that is hard to do with only concepts or objects.  Sluga
    includes a quote from Frege where he says something to the effect that
    he (Frege) never "segments the signs" of even an incomplete expression
    in any of his work. (ie. "x" is never separated from "F" as in Fx.)


With this token and this turnstile then we enter on a recurring issue,
revolving on the role of assertion, evaluation, or judgment of truth,
in contradistinction to “mere contemplation”, as some of my teachers
taught me to bracket it, of a “proposition”, whatever that might be.

If I have not made it clear before, this is one of the points where
I see the so-called “Fregean Revolution”, more French than American,
if you catch my drift, begin to take a downward turn.  But I cannot
decide yet whether to assign that to Frege's account, taken in full
view of his work as a whole, or whether it is due to the particular
shards that his self-styled disciples tore off and took to extremes.




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