* p...@cpan.org [2016-09-12T03:26:52]
> And as I wrote if Email::MIME is not good place, then what about other
> modules like Email::MIME::Header::Address (or invent other name) which
> will use Address parse/format functions and will also do that MIME
> encode/decode procedure? We can maybe add classes also for other headers
> (like you suggested for DKIM signatures, etc...).

I had started to write a lot of reply on the previous parts of your email, but
I think that this is the only part that really matters in the end.  Yes, I
think some thing like that is sufficient.  In the end, I think what's best is:

* a thing that can take a raw (encoded) header string and give you an object
* ...which is an object with access to the header's structured data
* ...which you can turn back into a raw header to store as needed

With that facility, people can plug in (header => class) configuration and
things just go.  We can start off suggesting, for example, an address one.


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