hello people,

i just subscribed to this list so i introduce myself:

* i'm marcc on cpan
* i'm a member of the perl community with some contribs in softwares
  like dh-make-perl, koha, sympa, ...

About sympa, we want to remove a lot of homebrew code by replacing them
with existing CPAN modules or tools so there are discutions on the
#sympa@freenode channel about the Email part.

There are 3 parts about it:

* recieve, transform and send emails back
* archive them in maildir (mbox?) format
* produce an elastic, indexed view of those mail(box|dir) (maybe using
  jmap protocol?)

I thought the best way to ask about the state of art of email in perl
should be to ask here. thanks for any help you can provide.


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