* Marc Chantreux <m...@unistra.fr> [2017-03-06T03:32:48]
> On Sat, Mar 04, 2017 at 07:28:19PM -0500, Ricardo Signes wrote:
> > Cool, good luck!
> people are really enthousiatic and i really would like to start thinking
> about a "PSGI for SMTP".

What do you think this would look like?  Email::Sender is an abstraction layer
over sending/delivering, and one could write multiple SMTP-backed transports
for it, if needed.

> > For other sending, I use Email::Sender and Email::Sender::Simple.  For
> > faster, indexed mail using JMAP, I use Cyrus, via our custom internal stack
> > at FastMail.
> awesome you let us know as we were in discussion about it: is it worth
> to test cyrus as a distributed storage for the archive workers.

I can't speak to Cyrus's performance as a distributed store per se, as opposed
to having your own distribution layer atop multiple Cyruses.

I can say that Cyrus is quite performant and I've found it fairly painless to
work with.  As it stands now, I am largely a consumer of its IMAP and JMAP
servers, rather than an administrator of it.  Using it to store and quickly
read through large amounts of mail has been pleasant.

> > If you have any more specific questions, I'm happy to answer.
> we can go public on this mailing list about the things we are
> experimenting so everyone can share ideas? 

Sure thing.


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