* Marc Chantreux <m...@unistra.fr> [2017-02-21T09:53:45]
> hello people,

Hi, Marc!  Sorry for the delayed reply.  I'm afraid I'm often a bit behind on
these things, but I am here and alive and interested!

> About sympa, we want to remove a lot of homebrew code by replacing them
> with existing CPAN modules or tools so there are discutions on the
> #sympa@freenode channel about the Email part.

Cool, good luck!

> There are 3 parts about it:
> * recieve, transform and send emails back
> * archive them in maildir (mbox?) format
> * produce an elastic, indexed view of those mail(box|dir) (maybe using
>   jmap protocol?)

I tend to represent messages as Email::MIME or MIME::Entity.  Both have their
flaws.  For writing mail to a Maildir, I use Email::Sender::Transport::Maildir.
For other sending, I use Email::Sender and Email::Sender::Simple.  For faster,
indexed mail using JMAP, I use Cyrus, via our custom internal stack at

If you have any more specific questions, I'm happy to answer.


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