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> (Mark-Jason Dominus) wrote:
> > For my conference talks and corporate classes, I make my slides with a
> > home-grown piece of software, called 'txt2slides'.  The software is a
> > big pile of hacks, but I'm very happy with it.  txt2slides takes a
> > slide file, which is almost plain text, and turns it into a series of
> > HTML files, one per slide.
> Randal and i did something similar at WebBuilder 2001 this 
> month.  i was supposed to make a PDF file, which we normally
> do, but Framemaker was complaining.  Jeffery Zeldman had just
> given a big talk on style sheets and XML, so we hacked up an XML 
> version of the slides, wrote a small program to parse it, then 
> applied cascading style sheets to the very simple HTML.

My $.02, I hacked up a script called Projector.  It's Perl/Tk based 
and works with Pudge's mkslides markup format or custom text format
(very POD-like).  It's at:


It's got lots of features, which are all listed there.  Additionally, 
since it uses Tk (and canvases), I just hacked up a script to run 
through the presentation and make 6-slide-per-page thumbnails for 
keeping notes...

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