>>>>> "MD" == Mark-Jason Dominus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  MD> * I can be absolutely sure that no matter what kind of computer
  MD>   equipment and software are available at the teaching site, I will be
  MD>   able to display the slides with no trouble.  

i agree.

  MD> * I have the option of giving the presentation straight from my home
  MD>   web server or from a local copy of the slides.  When I want to put a
  MD>   presentation on my web site, it's already in the right format.
  MD>   Since the slides are separate HTML documents, that means lots more
  MD>   documents for google to index, which means more people coming to
  MD>   visit my web site.  

i have done presentations over the phone with the audience using HTML
slides i made. works well.

  MD> * I don't have to suffer from the humiliation of standing up at
  MD> the Open Source Conference and using a Microsoft product to
  MD> display my slides.  The OSC is full of Power Point presentations.
  MD> I don't know these people can do it; I wouldn't be able to face
  MD> myself in the mirror if I did that.

hear! hear!

  MD> For a long time, I didn't make txt2slides available at all, because I
  MD> didn't want to support it.  Finally I stuck a copy of it on my web
  MD> site.  Some other folks have used it successfully.

i looked at an earlier version of this and decided to roll my own. if
you want it ask me for it. it autobuilds an index page, has foward and
back links and i even made support for trees of pages but i found that
was harder to navigate (shades of texinfo!).

  MD>   * I updated the web site version

mine isn't on the web but i could put it up there. it is not bad code
and can be hacked easily. some may not like the html output but that is
easily changed.

also it has some odd quirly support for stuff like haiku's in a box and
other things.

  MD>   * I wrote a little bit of documentation

none for me so far.

  MD> It comes with a complete example.  It's a pile of junk, but it's a
  MD> very useful and successful pile of junk.  Making slides is quick and
  MD> easy.  I love using it and I like the way the slides come out.

i like mine too and the input format is a simple text file with very
simple markup.

now, if llamacard ever came out, i might switch to it. but i haven't
seen much of it since TPC4 and i heard seattle pm (spug?) took it over
from damian's grad student who first developed it.


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