At 01:51 PM 4/27/2001 -0700, Larry Wall wrote:
>Dan Sugalski writes:
>: Besides, having the site administrator forbid the installation of parser
>: tweaks might not be what is wanted. If we get PPython in there, a site may
>: well have a module handy, and source might start:
>:    use site_policy qw(Python);
>: for modules that were all-Python, or
>:    use site_policy qw(Perl);
>: for ones that were all-perl. The site-policy file would, amongst other
>: things, perhaps lock down the parser so you couldn't switch languages in
>: mid-file.
>I think we have to be careful here.  We should ask people to name site
>policy files after their site, and not use a generic name like
>"site_policy", since we'd be likely to end up with 20 different
>"standard" site_policy files wandering around the net.

Well, I was thinking that generally the site policy would be expressed in a 
single file, and might look something like:

     set parser Perl (global);
     set warnings on (global, fixed);
     set strict on (global, fixed);
     set parser Python (global);
     set parser Perl (global);
     set warnings on (global);
     set strict off;

Basically a simple config file that can be protected as the site 
administrator might see fit, with a simple syntax rather than perl code. 
(Though if the perl code's straightforward for this stuff, then it doesn't 
much matter either way)

I hadn't really considered having a separate module for each type of site 
policy decision.


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