On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 20:47 -0500, Aaron Sherman wrote:

> Methods on numeric values (should be defined as pseudo-methods on
> unboxed numbers):
>         chr
>         hex
> oct

Sigh... well, now I know what Ctrl-Return does in Evolution :-/

Ok, so what I was getting at was that the above three are methods on
numbers. The following are methods on strings:

> index
> lc
> lcfirst
> length
> ord
> quotemeta
> rindex
> split
> study
> substr
> uc
> ucfirst
> unpack

You might also provide a procedural alias, but:

        multi sub lenth(: Str ?$string = $CALLER::_) returns Int {
                $string.size; # I think it was called that

These are real procedurals:

> pack

Hopefully we'll have something more flexible and user-extensible... oh
and pie. We should have pie :)

> pos

Grrr.. I can't recall what Larry had said about this... I know he
mentioned it once on this list. Maybe that was the ruleish "pos"?

> sprintf

Ah blessed sprintf. Were we adopting a Pythonish implicit sprintf? I
forget. Would that impact the existence of explicit sprintf? Probably

> caller

Larry has said this is a rather hairy TBD in the past, though it might
have been discussed since.

> defined

A universal (pseudo-)method?

> prototype
> ref

See defined.

> die
> do

Gone, I think.... no?

> eval
> exit
> sleep
> bless


> gmtime
> localtime
> time
> undef

How will undef($x) and $x=undef compare in p6? Has that been covered? I
have a vague memory, but nothing swimming to the surface.

> vec

This is pack with issues :)

> want
> caller


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