On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Juerd wrote:

Seriously, is there some reason that we would not provide a
"Language::Russian" and "Language::Nihongo"? Given Perl 6, it would even
Because providing it leads to its use, and when it gets used, knowing
English is no longer enough.

I have some code that uses Dutch variable names. When I show that code
to people who can't read any Dutch, they have a hard time finding out

Which reminds me of the TeX format ConTeXt which is (told to be) somehow more powerful and modern wrt LaTeX, but has a much narrower user base, and IIRC is expressedly design to support localized user interfaces, the only existing one should actually be ductch. I'd be curious to know if and how this works amongst ConTeXt users...

Michele --
[...] is like requiring to play tennis with a square ball.
Which admittedly makes the game more interesting.
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