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> ~ seems to be available for a sigil, if my reading of S02 is correct, and
> the cent sign is replacing :: in all cases.  If not (that is $::foo is
> still the global variable named foo) then * may also be available.

Sigils can't conflict with unary operators (like, say, the
stringification and flattening operators, ~ and *) and ideally
shouldn't conflict with binary ops either (although % breaks this

This has been done before several times on p6l, but I'll do it again:

Chr Term                    Operator
=== ====                    ========
~   Stringify               Concatenate
`   Reserved for user       Reserved for user
!   Not
@   Array sigil             Array sigil
#   Comment                 Comment
$   Scalar sigil            Scalar sigil
%   Hash sigil              Hash sigil, modulo
^   (Not sure)              one() junction
&   Subroutine sigil        all() junction
*   Unary splat             Multiplication
(   Open paren              Subroutine call
)   (technically unused)    Close paren
-   Negate                  Subtract
_   Identifier              (technically unused)
=   Iteration               Assign
+   Numify                  Add
\   Take reference
|                           any() junction
[   Anonymous array         Array index
{   Block                   Hash index
]   (technically unused)    Close square bracket
}   (technically unused)    Close curly bracket
;   (technically unused)    Statement delimiter, anonymous array
:   Pair                    "super comma"
'   Single quotes           (technically unused)
"   Double quotes           (technically unused)
,   (technically unused)    List items
<   quote words             Less than
.   Method call on topic    Method call
>   (technically unused)    Greater than
/   Anonymous rule          Divide
?   Boolify

There are very few unary operators available, and none (besides the
user-defined backticks operator) unused in both term and operator

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