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> > > >Feel free to add your own, or fears you heard about!
This really isn't a fear as much as it is a complaint. It has to do with
design decisions and the list.

"Perl 5 was my rewrite of Perl. I want Perl 6 to be the community's rewrite
of Perl and of the community." - Larry Wall

I think a lot of people that would contribute, myself included, are put off
by the fact that it is nearly impossible to get a clear decision rendered on
the list. Threads spin off tangents and typically end not in an answer, but
in a loss of energy in trying to get back to the original question.

My contribution to Perl6 has primarily been in advocation. I have
contributed tests and code examples to Pugs as well as asked questions on
the list. I would do more if getting answers was easier.

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