Nate Wiger skribis 2005-10-24 10:44 (-0700):
> The fact that there's not alot of active p5p'ers on this list should 
> alarm people more.

I don't know about the other Perl 6 lists, are they as p5porterless?

It does not alarm me that they are not *here*, this being a list where
we mostly discuss the language. Perl 5's language is set in stone. It is
inflexible, almost any conceivable change will be backwards incompatible
in some way. P5p deals with implementation, and that too is mostly set
in stone. Perl 5 has no detailed spec, so the implementation implicitly
is the spec, which means that you can't just change something.

We're very lucky to have some people here who care about both
implementation and language. They form the bridge between the two. I
personally care about the language, but not much about the
implementation, as long as it gets implemented.

What does alarm me is the number of people who are very familiar with
Perl 5's language and guts, who hate Perl 6 and use every opportunity to
whine about it. We cannot and probably should not do anything about
this, but it is very alarming. It means that the Perl 6 community is not
the same as the Perl 5 community is now. 

My take on that is that it is because Perl 6 is not a new version of
Perl 5. I still think "Perl" is a misleading name, and mostly hurts the
image of the language that is created here.


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