On 10/24/05, John Macdonald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 02:47:58PM +0100, Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões wrote:
> > Another is because it will take too long to port all CPAN modules to
> > Perl 6 (for this I suggest a Porters force-task to interact with current
> > CPAN module owners and help and/or port their modules).
> I think Autrijus has the right idea that Perl 5 CPAN modules
> should just work in Perl 6 without change.
> Just as Perl 6 is the community rewrite of Perl 5, moving
> a module from CPAN to 6PAN should not be done as a hasty
> make sure everything is moved over kind of event, but rather
> should be done as a way of choosing the best features out of
> the various Perl 5 modules on CPAN and peoples merging in the
> experience people have gained from using them as well as the
> experience people gain from *using* Perl 6.
> So, that is both good news and bad news - the good news is that
> CPAN will be just as useful for Perl 6 right from the start;
> the bad news is that the community rewrite of CPAN won't
> happen overnight but could take as long for CPAN as it did
> for Perl 6.  (In fact, depending upon how you measure it, it
> will take longer because some modules will never be rewritten,
> but of course, those will be the modules that no-one feels a
> sufficiently pressing need to rewrite; while for other modules,
> the Perl 5 CPAN version will fit in well enough that there
> is no urgency to convert it, even though it is being used,
> until a few years done the road a rewrite allows additional
> Perl 6/6PAN capabilities to be merged in.)

I see modules being ported for a few reasons:
1) The module needs to be written in native P6 so that what was in XS
now targets Parrot or the P6 grammars
2) Features are either easier or just plain old possible with P6.
3) The class is better written as a role.

For example, having CGI written in Parrot ASM would be very nice.
Having CGI written so that it's not as crufty would also be really
nice. DBI being native P6 would be good. DBD's being roles that a DBI
object does would be really nice.


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