Putting aside legacy issues for the moment,

I suggest that it might be appropriate to rename the .grep list operator to .where, so we can say, for example:

  @filtered = @originals.where:{ .foo eq $bar };

We already have a "where" keyword in the language, which is used for very similar things, and I think it would be reasonable that users would see it used in other situations and think they can use it for filtering a list too.

Moreover, to people who don't come from the Unix command line, or in general, the term ".where" is more descriptive to what is actually happening, and as well, it strongly resembles the english statement for what is happening.

If we want to keep .grep too, it should be an alias, like != is an alias to !==, but I think letting people use "where" instead would be a very good thing.

-- Darren Duncan

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