On Sunday 25 February 2007 12:40, Geoffrey Broadwell wrote:

> What backends support packed native arrays at this point?  And what's
> the performance like?

Parrot does have ManagedStruct and UnManagedStruct PMCs for mapping complex C 
structures.  The syntax to define them is a little grotty, but once you've 
done that, using them is easy--especially with named access.

Performance is good.  You don't have to cross the C/HLL boundary to work with 
the memory, as Parrot can do that directly.

I don't know if Patrick has using PIR libraries working in Perl 6 yet, but the 
last time we talked about it, he said it would take just a bit of work.

Wrapping well-designed libraries for Parrot's NCI is easy.  I can show you the 
basics in an hour and you'll be well on your way.

-- c

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