On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 16:29 -0800, chromatic wrote:
> On Monday 26 February 2007 11:29, Geoffrey Broadwell wrote:
> > Does Perl 6 on Parrot have Perl 5 connectivity?
> Not until Perl 6 can use PIR code.  After that, it depends on what you want 
> to 
> do with the two.
> If you can get Parrot::Embed compiled and running on your machine, Perl 5 can 
> have Parrot connectivity.  (As far as I know, Windows is the only broken 
> platform now, but I already knew that.)

OK, between chromatic and Audrey, it sounds like the paths forward are:

1. Add tests to Pugs for packed data handling.
2. Pugs implements functionality for said tests.
3. Port of OpenGL code proceeds assuming use of SDL/OpenGL via Perl 5.
4. Perl 6 on Parrot implements PIR calls.
5. Perl 6 on Parrot gets native packed arrays.

Then either:

6. Perl 6 on Parrot gets Perl 5 connectivity.
7. Perl 6 on Parrot uses #3 as written.


6. SDL/OpenGL are wrapped directly in PIR.
7. #3 is rewritten to use native Parrot modules.

Of course, *both* paths will probably eventually be followed, it's just
a question of which one works first.  :-)

In the mean time, I need to try to find my commit details for the Pugs
repo so that I can check out a copy and start on step 1.


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