On Tue, 2007-02-27 at 03:02 +0800, Audrey Tang wrote:
> 2007/2/27, Geoffrey Broadwell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Are you looking for Perl code that creates such packed arrays and passes
> > them to OpenGL?  Or are you looking for links to manpages for the OpenGL
> > calls themselves?  Or both?
> The former.

OK, I'll pull some of the interesting routines out of my code and post

> > I can write some tests that build packed arrays of some of the types I
> > need and then go snooping around it checking the contents ... would that
> > help?  Somehow I'm thinking it's a bad thing if data types tests require
> > OpenGL ... but it seems hard to tell whether the implementation is
> > actually creating a packed array, or just faking the Perl-side behavior
> > using an unpacked array, unless we make a call to some C API that can
> > confirm the results.
> That is correct. However as you noted, our buf should be as good as a
> C-level packed buffer, so you can assume that when writing the tests.
> Alternately, we can assume some fairly simple C FFI calls such as
> strlen() (or some such) that manages the structs we'd like it to
> manage.

I'm being an idiot -- if we can assume Perl 5 connectivity, I can just
pass the buf as a string over to Perl 5, unpack there, return the
unpacked values to Perl 6, and compare.

Does Perl 6 on Parrot have Perl 5 connectivity?


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