> Pugs at the moment support all of the above, using the Perl 5 bridge
> for "use perl5:SDL" and "use perl5:OpenGL".  So the sole requirement
> seems to be:

Cool beans.  I'd had some simple OpenGL code working-with-hacks on Pugs
many months ago, but I did not know the current status after all the
internals churn.

> >  7. Packed arrays with access to raw data pointer to give to API
> Is it possible to point us to some use cases of such packed arrays,
> especially the raw data pointer API part?

Are you looking for Perl code that creates such packed arrays and passes
them to OpenGL?  Or are you looking for links to manpages for the OpenGL
calls themselves?  Or both?

> Also, if you would translate a few such use cases to the syntax in S09
> (http://perlcabal.org/syn/S09.html) and committing them under
> t/data_types/, then it'd be much easier to measure which parts of
> packed arrays needs to be specced/implemented first.

I can write some tests that build packed arrays of some of the types I
need and then go snooping around it checking the contents ... would that
help?  Somehow I'm thinking it's a bad thing if data types tests require
OpenGL ... but it seems hard to tell whether the implementation is
actually creating a packed array, or just faking the Perl-side behavior
using an unpacked array, unless we make a call to some C API that can
confirm the results.

Hmmmm ... a quick scan of S09 indicates a packed array of any low-level
type can be treated as a buf, so I might be able to get sneaky with that
equivalence in order to reach a high probability that either the packing
is real or the implementor is insane.


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