+Block comments may be nested within other block comments (with the
+same or differing brackets).  POD comments may also be nested within
+block comments.  (These are still visible to the POD parser; if you
+wish to comment out a block of mixed POD and Perl 6 code, either use a
+POD comment around it all, or prefix every line with C<#>.)  The parser
 must report mismatched openers or closers to prevent, for example,
 unwitting use of bare C<}> as a closer for an opening C<#{>.

...or put it all in a block comment, and prefix POD's block tags with C<#>.

What's the rationale for keeping POD comments that are nested in block
comments visible to the POD parser?  It seems to me that the least
surprising behavior would be for the POD comment to be swallowed up by
the block comment, on the basis that a block comment ought to be
equivalent to prefixing every line from its start to end with a C<# >.
Conversely, I'd expect a block comment that's nested inside a POD
comment to be passed to the POD parser as ordinary POD text.  In
short, whichever kind of comment comes first should dominate.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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