Mark Overmeer wrote:
> We had a private discussion about this already three years ago: I
> fully disagree!  If the code and the documentation are not entangled,
> why do you want to put them in the same file?  Why do you put them in
> the same distribution even?
> No, the documentation is all about the code. The docs present everything
> what the user should know about the code.  The docs are the user's view
> of the implementation, and the code is the computer's view on the same.

I agree.
And while writing a class in Perl 6 the other day I noticed that copied
& pasted the signature of method to the pod:

=begin pod

=head3 C<method from_string(Str $s);>

initialize the Sudoku from a string C<$s>, with a 0 denoting an empty cell
and a number between 1 and 9 a clue.

Note that there is currently no way to use this function for sizes bigger
than 9x9 overall length.

=end pod

method from_string(Str $s){
        # implementation of that method here

Since method signatures are very expressive in Perl 6, there should be a
way of accessing them in the POD without copy & paste. If you don't
think that's necessary: try it out for yourself. Write a class and
document it properly. I'm sure you'll end up doing the same as I did.

ATM I don't know that should be implemented, but perhaps somebody else
can think of a good way.

Moritz Lenz |

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