* Thomas Wittek ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [070614 15:18]:
> So maybe directives like method, sub, attribute, class etc. might be a
> better choice regarding semantics.

See OODoc::Parser::Markov

> It's a bit like HTML<->XML, where the former lacks most of the semantics
> and makes the information processing - not to speak about a consistent
> look over several documents - a lot harder.

In HTML, you have logical markup as well: EM, STRONG, KEY, CODE, etc
With id and class, you can make any annotation you like:

  <div class="method">
     my_method OPTIONS
     This is the description of a method.

I love the power of CSS.

> I could imagine a semantic documentation in Perl6, that could be
> translated to XML/HTML+CSS or to POD(6) for formatting it.

The nicest thing would be that the semantic docs become part of the parse
tree, which then (using standard introspection) can be used to generate
manual pages, natively into POD, roff, HTML, whatever.

I see no reason why entangled docs are so hard to parse for Perl6,
as Damian arguments.  Even it being difficult is not a good reason to
make the life of all programmers harder.

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