Thomas Wittek wrote:
> Moritz Lenz:
>> =begin pod
>> =head3 C<method from_string(Str $s);>
>> [..]
>> =end pod
>> method from_string(Str $s){
>>      # implementation of that method here
>> }
>> Since method signatures are very expressive in Perl 6, there should be a
>> way of accessing them in the POD without copy & paste.
> As I read "=head 3 method..." I also had the idea that semantically more
> meaningful directives might be a good idea.

That may be my fault, I didn't care to look if there was a more semantic
way to describe it.

> I mean POD uses constructs like headlines, lists, blocks, italic etc.
> which all describe _how it looks like_ and not _what it is_.

Headlines, lists and blocks are IMHO semantic markup.
If I'd say "Huge font in bold" that'd be descriptive rather than
semantic markup.

> A head3 might be the headline of a method documentation as well as one
> introducing the contact information for the author of a module.
> The directive doesn't have much semantics.

That doesn't make a headline worthless. It just shouldn't be abused the
way I did it ;)

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