cdumont wrote:
> I know that perl doesn't only focus on web apps and my question might 
> seem irrelevant
> but I've been searching the web in order to find the new features of 
> perl6 regarding
> new functions, core module lists (not perl grammar itself) but couldn't 
> find any thing...

Perl 6 is not yet finished, so the the list of core modules is not yet

> I would like to develop web apps with perl too but having to download 
> modules from CPAN
> every time makes me feel these apps will never be able to evoluate in 
> different environments.
> (environments you don't have control of)

That's a general problem with libraries, not only Perl ones. And you
can't solve this by putting everything into core - it just blows up the

> I am a bit amazing to see that perl doesn't include a bunch a set theory 
> functions too.

Perl 6 does. See for example ext/Set/ in the pugs repository.
And so does Perl 5:

> I am not blaming perl but only hopes that perl6 will allow to make 
> things easy for the programmer.

That's one of the most important design goals ;-)

> as for the web, maintaining state thru server side cookies and DBI are 
> the very minimum I would recommend.
> more hash and array functions a minimum too.
> if there are such things in perl6, I'll be very happy to work with this 
> language !

You could help by contributing some suggestions to what the new "Web"
module should be able to do, and how so. Web is hopefully "CGI done
right", and still in its early planning stage.


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