You should discuss that on p5p, not here. Only Perl 6 is on topic here.

Sure, but I've started from perl doc 5.8 in order to say that it could be nice to have the features I'm talking about in perl6 so it's not out of the scope I guess.

it seems to me that you already have this : in line of command you can

use "perldoc -f split" to get the split() doc, where there are

examples and return value and parameters are discussed at length, if

you prefer a "modern" format, should content you, and

you can use Pod::POM::Web to get a small HTTP server where all Perl

doc (core and modules) can be browsed and searched, so what exactly

are you speaking about ?

As for the documentation, I've already watched this link and depending on the functions, informations are more or left complete. In the case of split there are quite few examples but it's not the case for a lot of documentations.

You might say that it doesn't need more but Adding user comments within the doc could allow to get much more usefull examples and 'tips' from other programmers. not a full blown oop cpan module but just a useful adding, transforming, real word use of the function.

This is an other function well documented.
But if in split, the result of the example is included below the code
with a sentence such as 'produces...' here, it is a comment below the line,
or 'gives...'

There's no real common pattern to get in a glimpse the function use.
A kind of standardisation could help.
(what are the arguments names, i've just found : EXPR, VALUE, 
there is a standard but it's not very as evident as it could be.

function parameters,flags
function return : .success:... .failure:...
Example :
Output :

Well i'm talking about the 5.8 but remember it's in order to know if there can be ways of improvement for perl6 doc.

Moritz Lenz wrote:

A: because it disrupts the natural way of thinking.
Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

cdumont wrote:
Perl 6 is not yet finished, so the the list of core modules is not yet

I know that it is somehow not the subject,
but I think the actual 5.8 doc should be changed to some extents.

You should discuss that on p5p, not here. Only Perl 6 is on topic here.

Is there a place where we can add suggestions ? apart from the first one in...
2003 ? 4 years ago ?

You can write them here on p6l.

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