Moritz Lenz writes:

> You could help by contributing some suggestions to what the new "Web"
> module should be able to do, and how so. Web is hopefully "CGI done
> right", and still in its early planning stage.

Web module?  This is the first I've heard of it.  Where is it being
planned, if not on this list?

Also, why are we hoping that it will be "done right"?  Given the history
of things like this it strikes me as unlikely that now is the particular
moment where we suddenly manage to create a perfect library, and as such
this would be hoping against the light of available evidence!

It seems entirely possible that during Perl 6's life somebody, possibly
somebody who at the moment hasn't even heard of Perl 6, will create a
better web module.  It would be good if at that point it becomes
straightforward for it to get acceptance and people to adopt it.


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