At 11:23 PM +0100 6/21/07, Smylers wrote:
Has Larry yet decreed whether Web will be bundled with Perl 6?

I believe that what Larry has said is that there are no official core modules, but that people who distribute Perl can bundle whatever they want, and that such choice was to be encouraged.

More generally, I would expect that the only ext/Foo/ that would surely be bundled with Perl are those that implement Synopsis-defined features, eg that Math one, and those are very few.

And by the time this is something to worry about, ext/ probably would have gone away, with required modules being somewhere else, such as the Prelude is, or distributed separately on Perl 6 CPAN.

As for whether ext/HTTP/ and ext/Web/ are typically bundled, I suspect that's just something that will happen defacto later on, and Larry won't decree the matter.

So ... not something to worry about now.

-- Darren Duncan

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