Juerd Waalboer writes:

> Smylers skribis 2007-06-21 23:23 (+0100):
> > Of course.  But there's a big difference between the attitude of
> > 'let's do the best we can right now' and 'this is our one chance to
> > do this right'.
> I think that for some things, mainly for setting community standards
> (Web, POD, ...), this is our one chance to get it right, for the next
> two decades.

Fair enough.

Obviously it would be great if that happened, and by the time the code
part of Perl 6 is releasable we have all those other things.  But if we
get to the state where core Perl 6 is ready to unleash on the world as a
stable release, but it's still the case that:

* The OO documentation, while readable and complete, if given a little
  more structure would be better for computer parsing.

* We haven't finalized the Web module.

* There isn't a fully working Perl 6 implementation of 'Duke Nukem
  Forever' in the examples/ subdirectory.

... then I don't think it would be worth holding up Perl 6.0.0.'s
release to wait for any of those things to happen.


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