At 6:06 PM +0100 11/28/07, James Fuller wrote:
there seems to be a dearth of xml 'ness' in Perl 6 design ... perhaps
before Perl 6 is fully baked its time to review what could live in the
core versus an external module.
cheers, Jim Fuller

I want to state agreement with others that this is a bad idea. The Perl 6 core should not include any general XML stuff, just as it should not have any general Web stuff and it should not have any general SQL database stuff. Those are very much the domain of separate extensions. Only the tools to help you install other extensions should be in the core. Now, it may just so happen that certain extension-installing tools might make use of XML-based protocols to do their job, but that's beside the point; presumably these would be very specialized and not support any aspect of XML that isn't specific to their job. -- Darren Duncan

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