On Nov 29, 2007 6:40 AM, James Fuller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I would argue that XML is slightly evolved 'text' and I would like to
> see my fav programming language treat it as a first class citizen
> internally.

I think you are falling into a classic builtin trap.  The idea is that when
you install perl, you install perl core + some modules packed with the
install.  We would like to discourage installing perl core without any

But that point has been made many times already.  I think you're addressing
something more of a "feel" issue.  You're saying that XML types should have
the same first-class status as strings or integers, and not some awkward
blessed reference business or anything.

Fortunately, Perl 6 is working pretty hard to make sure you can make data
types feel builtin.   In fact, this allows us to implement many core data
types as modules until we add compiler support, with no kludges for the
users.  XML will be the same, a module.  If we find that somebody writes
a truly excellent XML module that becomes widely used and would benefit
from having support in the compiler, it will be added to the compiler[1].

But basically the decision comes from a philosophy that core is nothing
special; there need not be a difference between a core data type and one
defined in a module.  With a modular enough compiler, there need not
even be a difference in terms of what code is generated.

Please, you, everyone, forget about the word "core".  It is an implementation


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