On Thursday 29 November 2007 03:21:18 cdumont wrote:

> By listening to you all, we shouldn't even think to implement file
> access...

Please drop the sarcasm.

> A programming language is made by humans and subject to the same evolutions
> and bugs and in the end is alive and will die.
> A programming language should evoluate, try to respond quickly to the
> actual environment in order to survive or expand.

Have you *seen* how much time p5p spends on keeping little-used modules that 
someone successfully argued were absoutely vital to the future of Perl now 
and forever up to date?

If you want to talk about responding quickly to the environment, look at the 

If you want to talk about a low work to value ratio, look at keeping things 
like B::CC up to date and passing their tests.  Now there's a vestigial 

-- c

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