I guess what should be in the core or not is not something
that should not be debated here.

In fact, perl 6 is supposed to be the *community language*
so instead of saying 'I' use this one but don't use this one,
so I don't see why it should be implemented into perl,
the *community* should decide and unless I made a mistake
nobody here can pretend representing the entire community.

Internet is here, a huge online poll amongst a minimum number of
programmers is a better way to go.
perl can handle different fields, so the polls should be divided in order
to get the better in each fields...

That's true that it's not possible to be sure of how will look like
our programming style, concepts in 10 or even 3 or 4 years.
OOP is being implemented all over the place, and if it was
the worst solution ever but that we just do not know better ?
Regex is being reimplemented, does it mean that the first implementation
sucked ?

By listening to you all, we shouldn't even think to implement file access...

A programming language is made by humans and subject to the same evolutions
and bugs and in the end is alive and will die.
A programming language should evoluate, try to respond quickly to the actual
environment in order to survive or expand.

It is good to make assumptions of what migth the future be for hours and
and years and years.
It might be better just to try and live.

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