Re using articles in your Perl 6 wiki documentation, were you
also planning on adding (links to) Larry Wall's annual "State of the
Onion" talks? They contain a wealth of great language design
philosophy for people wanting to learn about what sorts of things
motivated the exceedingly interesting path that Perl 6 is pursuing. 

To perl6-users:

It would also be great if someone were to distill the Perl 6 related
content of those talks down to a single comprehensive CliffsNotes
synopsis (

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker -- Official Perl 6 Wiki -- Official Parrot Wiki -- Official Perl 5 Wiki

PS: I know I shouldn't top post, but this was hard to deal with....
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thanks to chromatic, so i have ask Jonathan Scott Duff, Phil  Crow and 
wait for /Adrianos answer.

what i yesterday also forgot to mention is that rumor says that the 
emerald tables
are designed to can provide answer for people on over 100 different 
levels of consciousness.
to teach the newbeees the simpel stuff and simultaniously the Damians , 
last bits is what
really describes the goal of my perl tables

> On Friday 28 December 2007 17:04:40 herbert breunung wrote:
>> I have also plans to add my perl article (once they transelated) for $foo
>> perl magazine and maybe some articles, if chomatic allowes.
> It's fine with O'Reilly, as long as the authors of the articles agree
> hold the copyright).  Where I'm the author, you have my permission.
> O'Reilly generally asks that you include a link to the original article as

> published on our site, but that's a request and not a requirement.
> -- c

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