hello c

i have now permisson from you, mjd, phil crow and jonathan and perl.com is also
mentioned in the head as you see here:


its all moving along.

and special thanks to allison and patrick for helping me with the interviews. there will be new
content in the tables soon.


cheers and happy new year

On Friday 28 December 2007 17:04:40 herbert breunung wrote:

I have also plans to add my perl article (once they transelated) for $foo
perl magazine and maybe some perl.com articles, if chomatic allowes.

It's fine with O'Reilly, as long as the authors of the articles agree (they hold the copyright). Where I'm the author, you have my permission.

O'Reilly generally asks that you include a link to the original article as published on our site, but that's a request and not a requirement.

-- c

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