first of all thanks to Jonathan Scott Duff, you will be named in the scribes section of the p6doc
documentation too and

to chromatic: i will name the authors normally like in POD and make a link to
section in the p6doc where sources of all docs are named.

Conrad Schneiker: about onions im somewhat uncertain. if there is here bigger wish for it i drop them in but i thill figuring out whats better.
please notice that in my tables i have condensed the content of larrys
design philosophy from several speaches, but yes it isnt translated yet. :)

your second point about the CliffsNotes:
my tables ( )
which i talked about try to do exectly what you propose


Re using articles in your Perl 6 wiki documentation, were you
also planning on adding (links to) Larry Wall's annual "State of the
Onion" talks? They contain a wealth of great language design
philosophy for people wanting to learn about what sorts of things
motivated the exceedingly interesting path that Perl 6 is pursuing.
To perl6-users:

It would also be great if someone were to distill the Perl 6 related
content of those talks down to a single comprehensive CliffsNotes
synopsis (

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker -- Official Perl 6 Wiki -- Official Parrot Wiki -- Official Perl 5 Wiki

PS: I know I shouldn't top post, but this was hard to deal with....

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