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> Here is a first look at the ideas I've worked up concerning the Perl
> 6 type system.  It's an overview of the issues and usage of
> higher-order types in comparison with traditional subtyping
> http://www.dlugosz.com/Perl6/

Nice paper.  ++

This might not be too big a deal, but the formatting of the code is a
bit odd.  It's not monospaced and the indentation and brace placement
seem very arbitrary.  Since these items are always "code smells" to me
of a bad programmer[1], seeing it in an otherwise good paper is very
jarring.  Could this merely be a strange rendering artifact?


[1]  Well, the monospaced bit isn't since I'm not used to programmers
programming in word processors instead of text editors.  Perhaps I'm
spoiled :)

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