On Monday 28 April 2008 10:15:25 Jon Lang wrote:

> Ah; that clears things up considerably.  If I understand you
> correctly, John is using '£' to mean "use Duck Typing here".  _That_,
> I can definitely see uses for.  As well, spelling it as 'like' instead
> of '£' is _much_ more readable.  With this in mind, the above
> signature reads as "$p1 must be like a Point, but it needn't actually
> be a Point.  Both $p2 and the return value must be the same type of
> thing that $p1 is."

That was always my goal for roles in the first place.  I'll be a little sad if 
Perl 6 requires an explicit notation to behave correctly here -- that is, if 
the default check is for subtyping, not polymorphic equivalence.

-- c

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