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That was always my goal for roles in the first place. I'll be a little sad if Perl 6 requires an explicit notation to behave correctly here -- that is, if the default check is for subtyping, not polymorphic equivalence.

What is "polymorphic equivalence" to you? I remember us discussion the
issue of duck typing versus nominal typing. I'll try to dig that out.
But here is a version from memory using John's pointlike role:

  %h<x y new midpoint> = T.new(1), T.new(2), &new, &midpoint;

where &new and &midpoint refer to code objects with applicable
signature. Then I think that we have

   %h.does(Point) === False;
   %h.like(Point) === True;

with the second test being more elaborate and hence more expensive.

Regards, TSa.

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