* Daniel Ruoso (dan...@ruoso.com) [081218 13:39]:
> Em Qui, 2008-12-18 às 13:08 +1100, Timothy S. Nelson escreveu:
> >     My question is, what sort of information actually belongs in a final 
> > version of the 6PAN spec?  I'm assuming it will at least include 6PAN 
> > Package 
> > format (layout, metadata, etc), and I'd suggest that it also include the 
> > layout of packages on the 6PAN server.
>   2) How source packages are uploaded, indexed, mirrored, searched, 
>      downloaded etc (6PAN/CPAN6)

If you understand my explanation of CPAN6, then you certainly must be
ware that 6PAN and CPAN6 have nothing to do with each other.  Please do
not use them in combination.  It is as silly as saying TCP/Linux

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