On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 05:45, Mark Overmeer <m...@overmeer.net> wrote:
> * Daniel Ruoso (dan...@ruoso.com) [081218 13:39]:
>> Em Qui, 2008-12-18 às 13:08 +1100, Timothy S. Nelson escreveu:
>> >     My question is, what sort of information actually belongs in a final
>> > version of the 6PAN spec?  I'm assuming it will at least include 6PAN 
>> > Package
>> > format (layout, metadata, etc), and I'd suggest that it also include the
>> > layout of packages on the 6PAN server.
>>   2) How source packages are uploaded, indexed, mirrored, searched,
>>      downloaded etc (6PAN/CPAN6)
> If you understand my explanation of CPAN6, then you certainly must be
> ware that 6PAN and CPAN6 have nothing to do with each other.  Please do
> not use them in combination.  It is as silly as saying TCP/Linux
> --
there's a difference? that was never clear to me (but i haven't read any docs).
at best, they are incredibly, confusingly, similarly named.

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