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Em Qui, 2008-12-18 às 13:08 +1100, Timothy S. Nelson escreveu:
        My question is, what sort of information actually belongs in a final
version of the 6PAN spec?  I'm assuming it will at least include 6PAN Package
format (layout, metadata, etc), and I'd suggest that it also include the
layout of packages on the 6PAN server.

I think we have

 1) How is the layout of Perl 6 related content (source package format)

 2) How source packages are uploaded, indexed, mirrored, searched,
    downloaded etc (6PAN/CPAN6)

 3) How source packages are built

 4) How binary packages are installed

I think 1 and 2 should be subject of two different specs, I also think 3
and 4 should be implementation and OS specific.

Ok, I like. The only thing is, it seems to me that Mark Overmeer thinks that items 1, 3, and 4 above are 6PAN, and item 2, above, is CPAN6.

        Allow me to suggest a new set of terminology:
-       .jib files (see S22) -- this is the source package format (meaning
-       CPAN6 -- this is the network, and the software that manages it
        (meaning unchanged)
-       6PAN -- this is a piece of software that starts with what it can get
        on CPAN6, and attempts to give you an installed perl module (this is
        a replacement for CPANPLUS/cpan2dist)

Are there any objections if I refactor the current S22 into 3 parts, and retain the .jib files stuff in the current S22 (renamed to S22-package-format.pod), a document containing "what S22 said about CPAN6" (which we could then donate to the cpan6 project for their consideration), and a draft document of notes about building and installing.



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