> I believe he is arguing that whatever we end up doing needs to make it
> easy for an external package-manager to find out what files CPAN6.pm
> is going to install, and where, and what the dependencies were (both
> Perl and system libraries).  So that the various distributions can
> make native packages from perl packages automatically (or at least as
> close to automatically as possible, it gets a little uglier when
> external libraries are involved).
I am completely in agreement here.

> So if there is program "foo" that is written in Perl that Fedora wants to
> distribute, they want to be able to list the dependencies when they
> make the package for "foo".  If foo requires a few packages, then they
> just want to say that and then when foo is installed, pull in those
> packages and any that those depend on,

> including any non-perl ones
> that are needed by the perl packages.
Here is where it gets sticky. Let's take a perl module which requires the 
Berkely DB - in fact, requires a specific API version. In Gentoo, you'd 
specify that with a slot dependency, while on Fedora you'd specify the 
release. The two distros may well use different names for the package and/or 
the slot/release specifier.

This problem strikes me as intractable - I think the only thing we can do is 
provide a dependency specifier, clearly tagged as being external to the CPAN 6 
archive, with a sensible name that allows a human to intervene and find the 
correct package for their distro.

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